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FreePascal related

  • STM32F103
    Setting FPC up to compile to stm32f103
  • STM32F7xx_HAL
    Hardware abstraction layer code for STM32F745, STM32F746, and STM32F756 controllers
  • OMAP3530
    Base code for OMAP3530
  • JTAG Debugger
    A simple JTAG debug utility

Kicad related


Hardware projects

  • LazBoard
    Board designed to make use of the recently added SDRAM capability of STM32F429 chips while having LCD, ethernet, SDMMC, and USB connectivity.
  • SPC32
    Simple 32-bit processor architecture optimized for FPGAs.

Larger projects

    A realtime kernel for embedded development. Written entirely in Pascal and inline assembler.
  • Phone OS
    A very simple monolithic OS developed to be used on phones.