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JTAG Debugger

I was tired of trying to get OpenOCD to compile, looking for working GDBServers, wrestling with changed versions of GDB/MI, so I decided to try and create a JTAG debugging tool/library myself.

Currently it doesn't actually debug, but reading and writing registers and memory is possible for a single core and adapter.

Support SVF playback, and some scripting support.

Source and Win32 binary Use at own risk Some images borrowed from Lazarus

Supported adapters:
  • FTDI MPSSE style
    • Amontec JTAGkey-tiny
    • OpenMoko Debug Board v3
    • OpenRisc Development board
    • Bus Blaster V2 - JTAG

Supported devices:
  • Cortex M3 - Basic support (Register and memory access possible)
  • AVR32 - Rudimentary (A bit of Nexus support code)
  • ARM920T - Rudimentary support

Missing features(apart from the basic stuff):
  • Scriptable adapters. Making it possible to bit-bang JTAG through some homemade device
  • Real DWARF and Stabs parsing - Maybe scavengable from Dubylib